Friday, February 11, 2011

ACL Access Control List

  • NTFS security method that defines permissions for individual files and folders, network access, and local users and groups
  • Decides which traffic is allowed through the firewall and which is blocked
  • each record in a ACL is an ACE access control entry
  • Port assignment is how ACL rules are configured
  • Port forwarding occurs when the ACL passes a packet through the firewall.

  • use when using a web service that needs to be available to users outside your network
    • an example would be a server behind a NAT router
  • Port triggering is an automated and dynamic form of port forwarding that specifies which port will be used while outbound ports are in use
    • allows PCs behind a NAT-enabled router to provide services which would usually require a static IP address
    • more secure than port forwarding, but more unstable
    • only one user in a network can access a particular service using a specific incoming port
    • the software manufacturer must have provided specific port triggering settings for programs
    • different port numbers must be used for port forwarding and port triggering
    • the PC must make an outgoing connection before a server behind a NAT router can receive incoming ones making this configuration unsuitable
    • commonly used when playing multiple-player games

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