Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assessment Test

*This was taken from the CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide.

Assessment Test
    1. Which of the following is not considered a system component that can found inside a computer?
      1. CPU
      2. RAM
      3. PCIe graphics adapter
      4. Motherboard
    2. Which of the following is not a physical memory format used in desktop computer systems?
      1. DRAM
      2. DIMM
      3. SIMM
      4. RIMM
    3. Which of the following is a chip that is integrated into PATA drives, as opposed to being mounted on a daughter card?
      1. Controller
      2. CPU
      3. Host adapter
      4. IDE
    4. What is the name of the power connector that is larger than the connector used for floppy diskette drives and that is commonly used with PATA drives?
      1. AT system connector
      2. Berg
      3. Molex
      4. ATX system connector
    5. The _____ is the measurement of the number of pixels an LCD monitor can display without the image appearing distorted.
      1. Native resolution
      2. Contrast ratio
      3. Pixelation
      4. Base frequency
    6. You are installing a new graphics adapter in a Windows Vista system. Which of the following expansion slots are designed for high-speed, 3D graphics adapters? (Choose two.)
      1. USB
      2. AGP
      3. PCI
      4. ISA
      5. PCIe
    7. What is the legacy term for PC Card?
      1. CardBus
      2. PCMCIA
      3. Express Card
      4. CardBay
    8. Which of the following sleep modes is also known as Standby?
      1. S1
      2. S2
      3. S3
      4. S4
    9. What is the function of the laser in a laser printer?
      1. It heats up the toner so it adheres to the page.
      2. It charges the paper so it will attract toner.
      3. It creates an image of the page on the drum.
      4. It cleans the drum before a page is printed.
    10. What is the component called that stores the material that ends up printed to the page in a laser printer?
      1. Toner cartridge
      2. Ink cartridge
      3. Laser module
      4. Laser cartridge
    11. In Windows XP, how can you start a search for files and folders?
      1. Click Start => All Programs => Search.
      2. Run search.exe at the command prompt.
      3. Left-click a directory and choose Find.
      4. Click Start => Search.
    12. Which of the following is not a hive in the Windows Registry?
      3. HKEY_USERS
    13. Which of the following upgrade paths is not possible?
      1. Windows 95 to Windows XP
      2. Windows NT to Windows 2000
      3. Windows Me to Windows XP
      4. Windows 98 to Windows XP
    14. The program that performs an upgrade from Windows NT to Windows XP is called_____.
      1. INSTALL.BAT
      2. SETUP.EXE
      3. WINNT.EXE
      4. WINNT32.EXE
    15. You are troubleshooting a computer, and you have just established a theory of probable cause. What is your next step?
      1. Document findings
      2. Identify the problem
      3. Test the theory
      4. Verify functionality
    16. You performed a normal backup on your Windows Vista computer two weeks ago and a differential backup one week ago. If you were to run an incremental backup today, which of the following is true about the files it would back up?
      1. All files on your computer
      2. All files that have been modified in the last two weeks
      3. All files that have been modified in the last week
      4. All files that have been modified today
    17. When a Windows-based application attempts to access memory another program is using, what is the error that will be generated?
      1. Windows protection error
      2. General protection fault
      3. Illegal operation
      4. System lock-up
    18. You are sending print jobs to the printer, but nothing is printing. The printer is connected properly and online. What should you do?
      1. Delete and reinstall the printer.
      2. Delete and reinstall Windows.
      3. Open Printer Troubleshooting and have it diagnose the problem.
      4. Stop and restart the print spooler.
    19. Which of the following topologies allows for network expansion with the least amount of disruption for the current network users?
      1. Star
      2. Bus
      3. Ring
      4. Mesh
    20. Which layer of the OSI model has the important role of providing error checking?
      1. Session layer
      2. Presentation layer
      3. Application layer
      4. Transport layer
    21. Which authentication protocol depends on a "secret" known only to the authenticator and that peer?
      1. PAP
      2. SLIP
      3. CHAP
      4. PPP
    22. Which wireless protocol is an improvement on WEP?
      1. WAP
      2. WPA
      3. PAW
      4. PWA
    23. Which of the following computer components can retain a lethal electrical charge even after the device is unplugged? (Choose all that apply.)
      1. Monitor
      2. Processor
      3. Power supply
      4. RAM
    24. Roughly how much time spent communicating should be devoted to listening?
      1. 23 percent
      2. 40 percent
      3. 50 percent
      4. 80 percent
    25. After SATA was introduced, what was the retroactive term used for the original ATA specification?
      1. EIDE
      2. IDE
      3. PATA
      4. SCSI
    26. When retrieving small metallic parts dropped onto a motherboard, which of the following is the best tool to use?
      1. An extension magnet
      2. A magnetic screwdriver
      3. Gravity
      4. A parts grabber
    27. What type of connector does a Mini PCI type IIB card have?
      1. 52-pin card edge
      2. 100-pin card edge
      3. 124-pin card edge
      4. 1440 pin card edge
    28. Which LCD component is responsible for providing the right kind of power to the backlight?
      1. HVPS
      2. Inverter
      3. Power supply
      4. Power converter
    29. Your laser printer has recently started printing vertical white lines on documents it prints. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
      1. The print driver is faulty.
      2. The fuser is not heating properly.
      3. There is toner on the transfer corona wire.
      4. There is a scratch on the EP drum.
    30. After upgrading to a new printer, you find that the text is coming out garbled and not readable. Which of the following might you suspect?
      1. Corrupt data input
      2. Incorrect print drivers
      3. Wrong DMA channel
      4. Unsupported printer
    31. Which command-line utility enables you to verify entries on a DNS server?
      1. NET
      2. NSLOOKUP
      3. PING
      4. NETHELP
    32. You are at a command prompt. A file called WORD1.DOC has been hidden by another user, and you want to unhide it. Which command should you use to accomplish this?
      1. ATTRIB +H WORD1.DOC
      2. ATTRIB -H WORD1.DOC
      3. ATTRIB -U WORD1.DOC
      4. ATTRIB +U WORD1.DOC
    33. Which of the following Safe Mode options appears only with Windows Vista?
      1. Directory Services Restore Mode
      2. Repair Mode
      3. Repair Your Computer
      4. Enable Boot Logging
    34. When you configure a task in Task Scheduler, a trigger must occur before the task is executed. An additional _____ can be configured that, along with the trigger, will determine if the task will run.
      1. Action
      2. Condition
      3. Charge
      4. Duty
    35. Which of the following is a company that provides direct access to the Internet for home and business computer users?
      1. ASP
      2. ISP
      3. DNS
      4. DNP
    36. Which of the following protocols can be used by a client to access email on a server?
      1. DNS
      2. FTP
      3. SMTP
      4. IMAP
    37. What process involves making an application more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access, exploit, and so on?
      1. Application hardening
      2. Bulletproofing
      3. Pharprotecting
      4. EAL'ing
    38. Which group should you make your mobile users a member of if they need to be able to install, delete, and modify their environment?
      1. Administrators
      2. Power Users
      3. Guests
      4. Travelers

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