Thursday, March 24, 2011

AMR Audio Modem Riser

  • AMR is a riser expansion slot designed by Intel in 1998
  • Contains two rows of 23 pins each, for a total of 46 pins
  • Useful for motherboards without analog I/O functions
  • Used on Pentium III and IV motherboards
  • Advantages
    • Moves analog I/O function from motherboards to a riser card
    • Allowed motherboards to be manufactured faster
    • Reduces the cost of producing motherboards by incorporating audio and modem functionality on a single chip
    • Frees up expansion slots for other peripherals
  • Disadvantages: 
    • does not support plug and play
    • uses a PCI slot
    • allows software-based cards but not hardware accelerated cards
  • Replaced by CNR Communication and Network Riser
  • For more information about riser technologies read

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